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12.05: Sandor Ajzenstat, Stellar Algorithm I

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Listening to Art, by William Denton.

Volume twelve, number five: Stellar Algorithm I by Sandor Ajzenstat.

Hello, and welcome to Listening to Art. I’m William Denton.

We first heard this work in volume five number one, where I quoted from reviews of other works by Sandor (my cousin), such as Tape Recorder Sculpture and Convergence Machine. The latter allows the viewer to control how quickly or slowly the work moves toward convergence. Stellar Algorithm I, from 2009, however, is completely deterministic and allows no physical control, only visual and mental engagement.

This is the artist’s statement about it that Sandor provided by email:

Ajzenstat’s works involve an interaction between various cyclic patterns, mechanical or electronic. These patterns rarely go at the same rate—the slower patterns always falling behind, out of phase with the patterns that are faster.

This is electronic art, made of Plexiglas, vinyl, LEDs and electronics, fitting into a volume roughly 30.5 cm wide, 30.5 cm high and 7 cm deep.

Now let’s listen to Stellar Algorithm I by Sandor Ajzenstat, recorded at a private collection in Peterborough, Ontario, on 24 March 2019.

Waveform of the field recording.

That was Stellar Algorithm I by Sandor Ajzenstat. I hope you enjoyed listening to it as much as I did.

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